Sales (Vehicles & Accessories)
Servicing & Maintenance

Purple Wheels provides car accessories for sale and as as vehicles to be purchased.
Our Full List of Services

General Maintenance

    Factory Scheduled Maintenance 30K, 60K, 90K
    Oil Changes
    Tune Ups
    Filter Replacements
    Safety & Emissions Inspections
    Windshield Wiper Blades
    Fluid Services
    Trip Inspections
    Maintenance Inspections
    Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Engine Services

    Engine Repair
    Engine Replacement
    Engine Performance Check
    Belt & Hose Replacement
    Driveability Diagnostics & Repair
    Fuel Injection Service & Repair
    Fuel System Maintenance & Repair
    Ignition System Maintenance & Repair

General Repair Services

    Computer Diagnostics
    Air Conditioning Service & Repair
    Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair
    Brake Repair
    Suspension & Steering Repair
    Shocks & Struts
    Cooling System Service & Repair
    Exhaust Systems & Mufflers
    Custom Exhaust
    Pre-Purchase Inspections
    Brake & Lamp Inspections
    Fleet Services
    Hybrid Services
    Chassis & Suspension
    Power Steering Repair
    Body & Trim Repairs (Mirrors, Door Handles, Locks)
    Power Accessory Repair
    Body Work and Spraying

Transmission Services

    Transmission Services
    New & Rebuilt Transmissions
    Driveline Maintenance & Repair
    Axle Replacement
    Differential Service & Repair
    Clutch Repair & Replacement
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Body Work and Spraying
Fresh Tires
When it comes to painting a car, any automotive professional will tell you the same thing: itís all in the preparation. Whether youíre repairing a chip or re-spraying the whole car, prepping the paintwork is just as important as applying the paint, and plays a huge part in the quality of the end result.

AN Car Centre will help you to paint your car.
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