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Purple Wheels provides car accessories for sale and as as vehicles to be purchased.
Our Full List of Services

General Maintenance

    Factory Scheduled Maintenance 30K, 60K, 90K
    Oil Changes
    Tune Ups
    Filter Replacements
    Safety & Emissions Inspections
    Windshield Wiper Blades
    Fluid Services
    Trip Inspections
    Maintenance Inspections
    Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Engine Services

    Engine Repair
    Engine Replacement
    Engine Performance Check
    Belt & Hose Replacement
    Driveability Diagnostics & Repair
    Fuel Injection Service & Repair
    Fuel System Maintenance & Repair
    Ignition System Maintenance & Repair

General Repair Services

    Computer Diagnostics
    Air Conditioning Service & Repair
    Electrical System Diagnosis & Repair
    Brake Repair
    Suspension & Steering Repair
    Shocks & Struts
    Cooling System Service & Repair
    Exhaust Systems & Mufflers
    Custom Exhaust
    Pre-Purchase Inspections
    Brake & Lamp Inspections
    Fleet Services
    Hybrid Services
    Chassis & Suspension
    Power Steering Repair
    Body & Trim Repairs (Mirrors, Door Handles, Locks)
    Power Accessory Repair
    Body Work and Spraying

Transmission Services

    Transmission Services
    New & Rebuilt Transmissions
    Driveline Maintenance & Repair
    Axle Replacement
    Differential Service & Repair
    Clutch Repair & Replacement
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Vehicle Upgrading
Thereís nothing wrong with holding on to an old car, racking up miles on the odometer and forming a connection with it.

After a few thousand miles, though, no one would blame you if you felt like you wanted something more ó more power, better handling, a smoother ride. That doesnít mean you need to trade up.

No, youíve spent too much time breaking in the groove in the driverís seat, and youíve adjusted it enough times to get it right where you want it. Save the cash and save yourself the separation anxiety, and refresh your old ride with a few upgrades that are affordable and, in some cases, easy enough to install in our garage with standard tools.

AN Car Centre is your solution.
Install a Short Shifter
Short shifters are a pure performance add-on. They minimize the distance the shifter has to travel and thus the time it takes to select the next gear. That said, when you can quickly click through the gears, your car will feel that much better when youíre carving up a canyon road.
Install a Sway Bar
If your car leans too much through turns, all that weight transfer and body roll will kill your handling. Sway bars help keep that in check by connecting the right-side wheels with the left-side wheels, helping the car corner flat. All the once-wasted kinetic energy is focused back into getting the car around the turn  more efficiently.
Replace Your Bushings
Replacing bushings may be a little bit more involved, but youíll be glad you did it. Between the suspension and the frame and the chassis and the engine, factory rubber bushings help kill vibrations throughout your car. The problem with rubber bushings is that they wear out and crack over time. Polyurethane bushings not only last longer than standard rubber counterparts, but they also do a better job of quelling vibrations and minimizing weight transfer.
Bolt In a High-Flow Exhaust
The exhaust may be theÖ ermÖ wastegate of your cars respiratory system, but a free-flowing exhaust relieves pressure on the engine and can return a little bump in horsepower as well. Better sound is just a welcome side effect.
Install a Cold-Air Intake
The better your car breathes, the better it runs. A cold-air intake not only frees up the air flow to your engine, it also feeds it cooler, more condensed air, which engines love.
Engine Control Unit (ECU) Flash
The ECU in your car is set up from the factory to control the fuel-air mixture in the engine, which maximizes efficiency and power. Problem is, manufacturers program the ECUís parameters well below the carís capability ó as a safety net. A quick reprogramming can unlock aaaall sorts of engine performance and, in some instances, return better gas mileage.
New Spark Plugs
Spark plugs can be easy to overlook, but new, better spark plugs are an easy, affordable swap that can make all the difference. The better the quality of the spark, the better combustion, which translates to more power and better fuel economy. (Hereís a complete rundown on how to check them.)
Fresh Tires
If you want your car to handle better, the place to start is a good set of tires. Power and performance are good, but if you donít have the grip from quality rubber to translate that to the road, itís all for nothing.
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